portrait by   Marc Hauser

portrait by Marc Hauser

Serving NW Indiana & greater Chicago area | located in Crown Point, IN.

About Jamie & Carmen

Carmen of CHC-Photography, INC. and Jamie of Jamie Skripac Photography are T.O.A.D. - Tales of a Dream - two NW Indiana & greater Chicago Wedding, Commercial & Portrait Photographers. We are two artists who love to collaborate on projects together. Although it might sound a little a bit cliché, we consider ourselves 'THE DREAM TEAM'. Some clients call us fashion-y and bada$$.

Carmen has been doing weddings for almost 20 years and as a team we've been shooting weddings for 10 years. We have children similar ages and love to come up with fun photo shoots for our kids and ourselves! Our perfect day is with camera in hand creating one of our dream shoots. We've been documenting each others lives and feel lucky that we are embarking on this journey together. 

We are always looking for ideas and inspiration. As artists we love to expand our horizons. Please, contact us if you have a cool photo shoot in mind or if you or someone you know has a really unique style/look. Maybe we can collaborate and work something out. We are especially looking to photograph high school seniors with a strong sense of style and creativity, actor/model head shots, models/fashion and weddings that are outside of the box!

Keep on Dreaming

- Jamie & Carmen / Tales of a Dream