Head Shots | Iconic Portraits

for the modern professional & every day People


Head Shots are portraits typically shot for professionals, actors and models. It's not just a shot of their faces, it can be full body and life style. The main idea is to show personality, vulnerability and to keep it simple. Inspired by actor portraits of the 90's, we offer a new spin on timeless but modern portraits.

Why should iconic images be reserved only for the Rich and Famous?

Jamie and Carmen believe YOU need great portraits that capture your personality and who you are today!

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The Modern Professional

You want head shots that reflect your style and personality and have a bit of edge?! That's what we are here to deliver. We believe the modern professional wants fashionable portraits that are very natural and relaxed. We love that! We also love a bit of cinematic drama. You don't need to be a movie star to have these type of portraits done. We are inspired by what we as moms and business owners would want for ourselves. We want to combine old master type portrait style with our love for modern style and fashion.

We a two 40 something year old women. We are moms and business owners ourselves. We feel secure in who we are and we want our portraits to reflect this time in our lives. We love fashion and cool portraits. That’s why we want to offer this type of session to YOU!
— Carmen & Jamie

What to Wear?

Ah, the age old question about what to wear?! Trust us, we often feel overwhelmed picking an outfit for our own head shots or fun photo shoots. Rather than being complicated, we usually go for something that is very casual and reflects our personality the best. For Jamie it might be a band shirt, ripped jeans and some heels. For Carmen it is usually black jeans, chiffon top and a cute jacket. Something that feels honest to our every day look. Once in a while we also feel like dressing up, so that can definitely be an option.

The Jeans & T-Shirt

We know for a fact that everybody looks great in jeans and a T-shirt or button down. It's a classic cool look that is always stylish and timeless. Add personality with your favorite jewelry or a cool jacket. The key is to keep it all about your natural beauty.


The Dress

The right dress can make you feel feminine and powerful. It's not about the dress but how you feel wearing it. Let's capture that feeling!


The Moto Jacket

A moto leather jacket is another classic that will never go out of style. We love a great jacket, sometimes denim, sometimes leather. Wear whatever you love to your session. Just make sure it reflects your personal style and makes you feel like yourself. We don't want you to feel like you are dressed up as someone else.


We are excited to offer this type of session to you. It can be shot with studio light and in the warmer months also with natural light. Consult with us and we will figure out what fits YOU best! You don't need to be famous to have your own iconic portraits!

Sessions start at $750 and include 10 edited images

Add Hair $75 and make-up $75