Dear Bride & Groom,

make this a date! Grab a glass of wine (or whatever else you like), sit down and have some fun reliving your love story and your wedding details! This info is for our blog post that we'd like to include along with your pictures. It's written for your family and friends and for YOU! That's why we want it to be personal to you and provide some background details to go with the gorgeous photographs we've taken. We feel honored and blessed that you have chosen us - Carmen & Jamie - as your photographers and that you have let us into your lives. We loved being part of your day and in a small way contribute to your lifetime memories. We are invested in your love story and can't wait to share it in our upcoming blog post. We also would love to help out our future brides by recommending certain vendors to them. That's why we want to know which ones you picked and if you were happy with them. Hopefully it's fun to put all this in writing! Thank you so much for taking the time!

wedding date *
wedding date
Who's house did you get ready at? Church/venue of your ceremony and reception? Were you happy with your selection?
Did you meet at work? Is there a funny story to tell? What were your first impressions of each other?
Where you nervous? Describe the setting and circumstance? Who cried?
Siblings? Best friends from way back...tell us a little about your bridal party...Please give us the full names of best man and maid of honor and your relationship to them. What made you pick them?
What made you choose them?
1.) Where did you buy the rings and why? 2.) Where did you buy the wedding dress? Why did you pick that one? 3.) Where did you get the bridesmaid dresses and what made you choose those particular ones? 4.) How about the guys Tuxedos or suits? 5.) Who was your florist? What made you choose those particular flowers? What flowers were most important to you to be included in your bouquet? 6.) Who was your DJ/Band/Lighting/PhotoBooth company? 7.) Did you have wedding favors? If so where did you get them? 8.) Did you give Bridal Party gifts? Which kind and where did you get it from? 9.) Brides, how did you find your hair and make-up girls? 10.) Name of your limo company? Overall, which vendors would you recommend the most?
Did you have years or months to plan your wedding? What was most helpful? Which websites like Pinterest if any did you visit most? Where did you get suggestions?
What have you learned in this process?
Was there something that stood out? Did you meet with other photographers as well? Tell us about your selection process...
We can dedicate the blog post to someone you want to thank someone who helped you out a lot? Should we mention people that couldn't be there but you would've loved having there?