Modern Day Merida

This shoot was inspired by our mutual desire to work with a natural redhead.  Luckily I knew two and Lynn agreed to let her daughters pose for us.  She is used to getting compliments on their beautiful hair. 

Jenna and Olivia are a couple of self-proclaimed tom-boys and had just returned from a Canadian fishing trip with their Dad.  They proudly showed me photos of all the fish they caught, which were considerably bigger than them!  They are a couple of real life Merida princesses. (If Merida owned a flat-iron.) 

They were more than happy to pose for us and once they took their places in the field, they hit their poses like a couple of pros.   Their hair glowed in the late afternoon sun like autumn leaves set ablaze.  Just what we had been dreaming of. 

The location was perfect.  The way the light was streaming through the tall trees and illuminating the wispy grass was so pretty.  So pretty, in fact, that we didn't notice that we had just trekked through the biggest patch of poison ivy I've ever seen.  Luckily, nobody came in contact.  As an added bonus, across from the field was an abandoned country club that was scheduled to be torn down in a couple days.  We love finding unusual locations and places that nobody else has been to.

We added a couple of our favorite little touches (yes, maybe a little hat obsessed.  But it's ok.)  Mostly we wanted the shoot to be about the hair and the connection between the two sisters.  

We had a lot of fun working with them and especially loved watching Mom beam with pride at her two little fishermen/models.

Jamie SkripacComment