Our Life is a circus sometimes

What inspires us most for our photo shoots? Easy answer - our own childhood, our children!

My first cuddle toy as a baby was a soft clown doll that a nurse gifted my mom in the hospital when I was born...if that wasn't telling. I love clowns, the funny ones only! We've been experimenting with the clown/circus/ring master/carnival/performer idea since Jamie and I met.

Over the past couple years we've been looking for props...we are still making, collecting and looking for cool items to use. Our plan is to have a rather elaborate set up but due to our busy schedules it probably won't happen until late summer, early fall.

Last weekend we wanted to stick our girls in some of the outfits we have and see how it would read on camera...it turned into a fun play date for the kids for the afternoon, where at the end the boys wanted to be in it.

Soon our Cirque du Rêve will become reality!