Sean & Carolyn's Wedding

elegant, classic, romantic & Baseball!

Sean and Carolyn's wedding was an elegant, classic and romantic black and white wedding with a touch of their love for baseball.  Carolyn chose black and white because "those colors are very elegant and timeless" and what she saw as her "perfect" wedding colors.

"I lived on Pinterest! It was one of my greatest resources. I did a lot of DIY projects with the wedding. So, I used Pinterest to gather ideas and then would change them based on our wedding.  We had a year to plan our wedding.  I also visited Etsy a great deal.  We also received advice from friends and family who had previously planned weddings; that was also very helpful throughout the planning process.

Their wedding favors were Fannie May chocolate bars wrapped in custom black and white striped wrappers created by Carolyn.

Their wedding favors were Fannie May chocolate bars wrapped in custom black and white striped wrappers created by Carolyn.

The wedding cake was from Cakes by Karen from Highland, Indiana.  "They were very fair with their prices and had very delicious cake! They had many flavors to choose from and the cake turned out just as I had imagined! Perfect!"

The wedding cake was from Cakes by Karen from Highland, Indiana.  "They were very fair with their prices and had very delicious cake! They had many flavors to choose from and the cake turned out just as I had imagined! Perfect!"

The girls got ready at the bride's parent's house, in Crete, Illinois. The guys got ready at the Hampton Inn in Schererville, Indiana. A party bus from Southlake Limousine picked up the guys, and then the girls and brought everyone to St. Liborius Church in Steger, Illinois for the ceremony.

The wedding dress was a delicate strapless lace dress with beading from Something Blue Bridal. Carolyn said she "LOVED this bridal shop. It is a very small boutique shop in Schererville, Indiana. Sandy, the owner, was amazing. She knew who I was every time I came into the shop, had everything ready earlier than the specified date, and was so helpful in finding "the dress". I knew it was the dress when I put it on because I could see myself getting married in it. After leaving the dress shop, I thought about the dress for the next week. That was when I knew it was the one."

A classic loose bun was completed by Lauren Carter, a friend of Carolyn's from high school. Carolyn was recommended to Hannah Ottesen and Nikelle Guch by Cora Downing of Bella G's Makeup Artistry.  "Both Hannah and Nikelle were amazing! They were very professional and very talented at their craft!"

The beautiful white bouquet and florals were by Kristina Lynn Floral.  "Upon meeting with Tina, I loved all of her ideas and her depth of knowledge about flowers. She helped me design the bouquets and centerpieces and I loved all of it!! Being our wedding was black and white, I knew I wanted white flowers, so she really helped me pick the perfect flowers!"

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Bridesmaid Dresses were from Eva's Bridal in Orland Park, Illinois. The dresses were long black dresses that were very elegant and fit the wedding theme. "My bridesmaids were the ones who actually picked the dresses. We went there and tried on many dresses, and this is the one that all of the girls chose!"  

The girls received custom bags with their names embroidered on them. They each also received the jewelry they wore on the wedding day and a "survival kit". 

The men wore classic black tuxes from Dunhill Tuxedos in St. John, Indiana. "They were very helpful and knowledgeable. They made it very easy to choose the tuxedos for our wedding party."

The guys received a custom wood beer carrier with beer.  Their names were burned into the wood and then Sean stained each holder.  They also received a black and white striped tie to wear on the wedding day along with a pair of crazy socks!  All of the wedding favors were ordered online through different websites such as Etsy.

"We loved our ceremony venue." St. Liborius was the church that Carolyn had grown up in, and had been attending since she was nine years old.

"We loved our ceremony venue." St. Liborius was the church that Carolyn had grown up in, and had been attending since she was nine years old.

After the ceremony, they were then taken to the reception venue, Banquets at St. George in Schererville, Indiana.

"The Connexion Band were amazing! We would recommend them for any event you are planning. They were easy to work with and the planning and communication were seamless. Unbelievable musicians who knew how to make sure everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves!"

"We absolutely loved our reception venue. It was large enough to accommodate all of our guests, comfortably plus our live wedding band! Hilda and Ruben were amazing, and so helpful during the wedding planning process. It was the perfect choice for us."

How did this love story begin?

"We first met at an Applebee's in March of 2002. Some mutual friends had planned an evening of dinner, pool, and bowling while home on spring break. We were each invited by different friends. We all hung out all night having a ton of fun! We can both recall thinking that the other person was cute! When the night was coming to an end, Sean hugged me and told me that it was, "nice to meet you." Little did we know, that thirteen years later, we would still be together and that hug started it all! After meeting on spring break, we then continued to talk over AIM, planning a future date when we would both be home from college. We officially started dating May 21, 2002."


"We love to watch sports, especially the Blackhawks and the Cubs! We enjoy going to the movies together, and eating popcorn! We love to travel, and see new places, even though most of the places we have seen have revolved around Sean's bowling tournaments! We love hiking and being active, especially in the summer months.

We enjoy spending time with our friends hanging out and talking. We also really enjoy cooking together, and trying new dishes. We now also enjoy completing projects around the house; Carolyn is always finding new projects that need to be done!"

How did she know he was the one?

Throughout our many years together before being married, there were many signs that Sean was “the one”. Sean is a very caring and thoughtful person. He has always put my needs and feelings before his own. Sean has always been there when I needed him, and he is always aware of when he is needed, even if I don’t tell him. Sean has a way of making everything feel better with just a simple hug. He never misses a chance to tell me that he loves me. Sean has a great sense of humor, so we have never had a dull moment in our relationship, because we are always laughing! It definitely did not take me thirteen years to decide that I wanted to marry Sean; I knew very early on that I wanted to be with Sean the rest of my life.

How did he know she was the one?

It was VERY early on in our relationship, like days, that I first thought Carolyn may be THE ONE. I was committed to a bowling tournament in Vernon Hills, IL; Carolyn said she would like to come with to watch and support me. This was before she knew we would have to leave at 6:30 am. She wasn’t phased by the early departure, still wanting to come with. I thought to myself, if this girl is willing to get up at whatever time needed to get ready to leave by 6:30 AND spend the day in a bowling alley with me just to watch/support me, she could be a KEEPER.

"Sean proposed on May 21, 2014, our twelve year anniversary. We were at my house watching a very important Blackhawks playoff game. We decided that we would exchange anniversary presents during one of the intermissions. We exchanged presents and then Sean got up and left the room. As I waited for him to come back, the Blackhawks game resumed, so I was intently watching the game. Sean came back into the room, walked up to me and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I instantly began crying! I stared at him and the ring, and proceeded to ask Sean if he was serious. Sean said, "do I look serious?" and asked me again. Still crying, I said yes!"

The Bridal Party:

Robby Spigner, Best Man- I first met Robby during team bowling tryouts while at IU. He offered a dorky, nervous kid(me) a ride to my dorm so I didn't have to walk across campus at 10pm. Since that day we have been best friends. We were teammates, roommates, and bedmates. I've lost count of the number of times we have shared a hotel bed. :) I chose Robby because he has been by my side since the day we met, so I wouldn't of had it any other way on the most important day of my life.

Gina Maltase, Maid Of Honor-She is my sister and best friend; even though as kids, you would never know we even liked each other. Being 16 months apart allowed for a great deal of fighting. Gina has a knack for being a spur of the moment type of person, which is the complete opposite of my plan ahead type personality. Even though this difference is trying at moments, I wouldn't want anyone else standing next to me on my big day!

The Bridesmaids

Shannon Smith, Bridesmaid-Shannon and I have been friends since 1992 when I transferred into Crete Elementary School and were put into the same 4th grade class. She is my second sister! Our friendship has sustained the trials and tribulations of junior high, high school, and even living together in college. Many people doubted our ability to stay friends for this long, but we proved them all wrong! Shannon is one of my most dear friends and I don't know what I would do without her!

Katie Pazdan, Bridesmaid- Katie and I have been teaching together for almost 11 years. She has always been there for me when I needed her. I do not believe I would have survived my 1st year teaching without Katie to talk to. Katie is one of the most genuine and selfless people I have ever met. She is a great friend and was honored to have her stand up with Sean and I on our wedding day.

Dawn Zauner, Bridesmaid-Dawn is my cousin, however, everyone believes that Dawn and I should have been sisters, because of how similar we are! Growing up, Dawn and I always had the same likes and dislikes. We were the "bosses" of the rest of the siblings and always thought it was our job to watch over and protect them. (Even though no one else agreed with this mentality) Now that we're "all grown up," Dawn and I are still the organized and plan ahead types, trying to keep Gina and Laura on time! :)

Laura Cummins, Bridesmaid- Laura is my cousin. She is always the life of the party, just like my sister Gina! Again, our family jokes that Gina and Laura should have been sisters due to their carefree attitudes. I will always remember having cousin sleep overs! All trying to squeeze into the same bed. I could not imagine my life without Laura!

The Groomsmen

Ryan Smith, Groomsman- Ryan and I met through a former mutual friend in the Spring of 2002. His ridiculous humor had me hooked from the get go! Carolyn and I would not be where we are today if not for Ryan. There is never a dull or fragrant free moment with Ryan around.

Matt Margulin, Groomsman- Matt and I have been best friends since 1994. Our childhood love for baseball and baseball cards formed a bond that holds strong to this day. Any story told from my childhood involves Matt. Together, we were a pain to our mother's and our neighborhood. :) From baseball to bowling to softball to Blackhawks hockey to stealing For Sale signs to fireworks to snow plow adventures Matt has been my number one partner in (almost) crime.

Corey Delby, Groomsman- Corey is my older brother. I broke his arm as a young lad when he would not get off the top of my dresser. I pushed him off and he fell into the large, brown humidifier, breaking his arm. He repaid me a year or two later when he gave me a concussion after "accidentally" letting go of me while twirling me around by my arm. Corey is a genuine person and I was honored to have him by my side on our wedding day.

Ryan Delby, Groomsman- Ryan, one of my younger brothers, a twin to Jeremy, is a man of fire, both in his fastball and temper! :) A competitive twerp, Ryan lucked his way to shooting a 300 before me, something he tends to bring up during heated debates. He still knows who the better bowler is though, even if he won't admit it.

Jeremy Delby, Groomsman- Jeremy, my youngest brother, a twin to Ryan, came out a mere 7 minutes after Ryan. The baby of the brothers is a master cardshark having been a casino dealer for the past 8 years. Jeremy has never met a drink he didn't like, especially if he is not paying for it! :) Jeremy is always the life of the party, making sure everyone around him has a good time.

Brian Yarbrough, Groomsman- Brian and I met in January 2009 at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, both in search of a career in radio. Brian's quick wit, great storytelling, and affinity for sports provided the foundation for a great friendship. It's not easy to make new friends in your late twenties but we did it! When given time for proper research Brian is a master trash talker, making him a great member of your fantasy football league. Even though Brian favors the Fighting Illini, I consider him a great friend.

Tips & Vendor recap:

Carolyn would advise future brides to "keep it simple".  

"The vendors we would highly recommend are: The Connexion Band, Cakes by Karen, Dunhill Tuxedos, Something Blue Bridal, 219 Productions, and Kristina Lynn Floral and of course, Tales of a Dream."

"Work with vendors that you want and trust. Meet with the vendors so you can get to know them, and they can understand the vision you have for your wedding. Also, do what you want - It is your wedding!! We would also highly recommend having a live band! :)"

Vendors List:

  1. Photography by Tales of a Dream
  2. Rings by Linda Juergens Jewl
  3. Wedding gown by Something Blue Bridal
  4. Bridesmaid Dresses: Eva's Bridal in Orland Park, Illinois
  5. Tuxs: Dunhill Tuxedos, St. John, Indiana
  6.  Florist: Kristina Lynn Floral
  7. Band: The Connexion Band
  8. Photobooth: 219 Productions
  9. Favors: Fannie May candy bars wrapped in custom wrappers created by Carolyn.
  10. Bridal Party Gifts: Various websites and Etsy
  11. Hair was completed by Lauren Carter.
  12.  Makeup by Hannah Ottesen and Nikelle Guch from Bella G's Makeup Artistry.
  13.  Cake: Cakes by Karen: Highland, Indiana
  14. Limo: Southlake Limousine Company

What made you choose Carmen & Jamie as your wedding photographers?:

We did meet with numerous photographers trying to find photographers that we liked and would fit what we were looking for. Initially, Carolyn met with Carmen and Jamie without Sean. I instantly fell in love with both Carmen and Jamie! They were so friendly and it was apparent that they loved photography and capturing the special moments. Being it is a big decision, I wanted Sean to also meet Carmen and Jamie. We arranged another meeting and sat and talked for about an hour. Before we even left the meeting, Sean and I had made our decision. There were no other photographers that we connected with, like we did with Carmen and Jamie! They were amazing and their pictures really showed their passion for photography. Their pictures are what caught my eye as I was doing research on photographers. I really loved their creative pictures and how they caught every moment. Upon meeting Carmen and Jamie, it sealed the deal! They were professional, fun, and knowledgeable. A perfect choice for us!
VJP_8962 b.jpg
We would like to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of our lives over the course of our relationship. Thank you to all those who were able to attend our wedding and celebrate our special day with us.
— Mr. and Mrs. Sean Delby

Carmen and I want to wish Carolyn & Sean nothing but the best. We had the best time getting to know them during their engagement session and then their wedding. We loved every minute of it. We hope to keep in touch!