Bohemian Bridal Shoot - Vendor Collaboration Part Two

We wanted our (future) clients to get to know our vendors, so we asked them to write us each a little something. We love collaborating and surrounding ourselves with other artists. Seeing people do what they love to do is really inspiring!

NW Indiana's weather kept us on our toes this spring. Was spring ever going to get here? We had to coordinate everyone's busy schedules and availability of the gowns and check the weather forecast daily and hourly. Somehow we got lucky!

We had the most gorgeous day with a slight breeze and 88 degrees weather for our shoot. At around 2 p.m. everyone came to Carmen's house to get ready. We had created a pinterest board and were all on the same page about the looks we were trying to achieve. We wanted to make sure that Alex (make-up), Brittany (hair) and Charlyn (florist) would be proud of the final look and left them creative freedom.

Our models Mackenzie and Ami were a beautiful canvas to work with, having flawless skin and amazing hair. It was magical to see them transform in front of our eyes. We are always so excited seeing a vision come to life!

When Carmen unzipped the Elaya Vaughn Bridal Bag, she realized that the kimono did not come with a dress, it's an add on piece that can enhance existing gowns. At first we thought we were missing a precious gown. Can anyone else relate to mom brain? Yeah we only freaked out slightly. Since we had two models, we wanted two looks and we remembered that Jamie had a really cute simple chiffon dress that would go perfectly with the kimono. We had a 'make it work' moment in true Tim Gunn Fashion.

Ami, our dark haired model, is also a make-up artist and she was really excited to have a male make-up artist do her make-up. She made a cute vlog which you can check out here!  ( Btw. Carmen didn't know Ami was filming and had a crazy day trying to get ready for the shoot and never even did her own make-up that day and definitely didn't feel camera! )

I got started after I graduated from art school in Chicago, the American Academy of art. After graduation about 6 months later I moved to L.A. and enrolled in make-up school. After that I moved back home and got my start with Mac cosmetics. While I was there years later I enrolled in cosmetology school in Merrillville called Excell. Things that get me inspired? I always pull my color palettes from nature and translate it thru my make-up applications. I love anything Beauty related that comes out of Mexican novellas as well. As a kid I would watch these soap operas in Spanish with my mom and would be blown away how beautiful these men and women looked. I also look at editorial magazines from other countries and get ideas for hair and makeup . I always want to know what goes on around the world. What’s on trend in New York and L.A.
— Foxy by Alex Garcia

Alex has been working and renting a chair at Ben Mollin's Salon in Griffith for many many years. If you want to feel and look as sexy as a Victoria Secret's Model book him for a blowout and/or make-up! He also gives amazing hair cuts. Looking for a simple yet stylish bob haircut? He is your man!

Check out his website or give him a call 219-805-7368 or reach out to his assistant Michelle 219-644-9048.

My name is Brittany Miller. I have been doing hair for about 8 years! I remember when I was in kindergarten we were doing a project and the teacher told us to write down what we wanted to do when we got older and I wrote down becoming a Beautician. I knew that young that I was meant to do hair and make people feel beautiful!!! The hair world is a crazy growing industry and all the new techniques and new styles out there keep me inspired! Just seeing the look on peoples faces when you are done with their hair and how pretty and happy they feel keeps me inspired. I love doing bride’s and bridal party’s hair and enjoy sharing that moment with everyone on their special day!
— Brittany Miller Hairstylist

If you are interested in booking Brittany for your wedding or otherwise, please contract her at 219-384-3187 or look her up on facebook . She also works at salon Mali and you can book her for a full color service and cut.

Around 4:30 p.m. we drove over to the Crown Point Fairgrounds and set up shop. Finishing touches were applied on the models while we set up. The wild flowers looked so beautiful, we moved the tent away from the other props for a little while. It looked as if the tent belonged there, under the trees illuminated by the sunlight.

We all had a blast! Alex is so fun and easy to work with! We are happy he recommended Brittany as the hair stylist because she also has a great personality and we all got along so well! Apparently we all share a Dunkin Coffee addiction. Jamie made a Coffee/Iced Tea run to make sure our blood sugars didn't drop...ha ha!

Ami is an amazing make-up artist herself but we needed her as a model for this shoot. We were so thrilled she said YES, even though we knew she was a bit nervous about it. She has such a strong look and is super photogenic...and she has luscious hair!

When Carmen asked me to be one of the models for this photoshoot, I was both nervous and excited! It was a lot of fun playing dress up, and being a part of Carmen and Jamie’s vision. The last time I worked with them, I was the makeup artist behind the scenes. Being the model this time was nervewracking for me, but Carmen stressed the importance of portraying confidence, and that helped a lot. I hadn’t had my hair and makeup done professionally in a long time, so I was excited to switch roles from makeup artist to model. Brittany (hairstylist) and Alex (makeup artist) did such an amazing job. They executed the boho chic theme well. I felt like I was a walking fairytale, especially with Charlyn’s beautiful flower arrangements! It was nice meeting the others in the crew, and I’m grateful for everyone’s time and effort! I felt like a princess getting pampered for a day! I can’t wait to be the makeup artist for upcoming vendor collaborations, as I’ve come to the conclusion that I do feel more in my element as the makeup artist working behind the scenes! This experience will definitely be one to remember!
— Ami Bangalan

You can book Ami by contacting her at

Please subscribe to Ami's YouTube chanel HERE. Check out more of her work and follow her on Instagram HERE.

What an amazing experience I had! I had so much fun modeling the Mel gown by Elaya Vaughn. Carmen and Jamie had this well planned out and organized, hair and makeup was SO fun and pretty. I love working with all of them! It’s always a fun adventure! Carmen and Jamie did WONDERFUL. I plan to go to IUPUI in the fall for marketing management and a minor In fashion merchandise. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.
— Mackenzie M.

Carmen had photographed Mackenzie's sister a few years ago and was happy to photograph Mackenzie a couple of times before. That's how we knew she'd be perfect for this shoot!

Charlyn's flowers tied it all together. She doesn't need much direction, she knew what flowers to buy and how to arrange them to give us the effortless vibe we were looking for. Charlyn is amazing to work with, always there to help and fun to be around. She books up quickly for weddings, so you better hurry if you want one of the most amazing florists in NW Indiana for your wedding! You can contact her through her website or facebook.

I got started helping my aunt in a flowers shop in Chicago. I love creating a bride’s vision. Flowers, art, people and the beauty around us inspire me.
— Charlyn Vlasic

When we felt like we captured everything we wanted to do, we had Ami and Mackenzie change outfits to give them a few images that are not bridal. Mackenzie is a Class of 2016 Senior, so those images make a great addition to her other senior portraits.

We made a little slideshow - enjoy watching!

FYI, those gladiator sandals are from Target! We all want a pair now!

We hope you enjoyed our blog post! Please like and share with your friends and book our amazing vendors!

Much love and keep dreaming!

- Carmen & Jamie


P.S. Special thanks to our babysitters Tammy, Araceli and Debbie for taking care of our kids, so we could really enjoy this afternoon! And for my friend Lisa lending us the cool deer skull and antlers.


Vendor Recap

Makeup by FOXY by Alex Garcia
Hair by Brittany Miller
Florals by Charlyn's
Models Ami Bangalan & Mackenzie M.
Elaya Vaughn Gowns by Katelyn Pankoke
Photography - Carmen & Jamie from Tales of a Dream