Jen & Kyle's Engagement Session | Best Friends, Baby and The Beach


Jen and Kyle are the type of warm and friendly people that light up the room when they walk in.  When we met with them at The Sip for our consultation we immediately felt like we were having coffee with some old (young) friends.  We were cracking up and also crying by the end of our meeting. They were referred to us from a few of our previous brides and grooms whom they are friends with.  So they have seen us in action at their friends weddings and we recognized them as well!  After having such a great conversation with them and hearing their emotional story we knew we really wanted to shoot their engagement pictures and be part of their wedding day.  It was so nice to be told, pretty much on the spot, that we were "the ones".

Their Story

"Kyle and I have known each other since kindergarten! We’ve always been great friends. In 2012 he picked me up to meet up with some friends, we laughed the entire time and I couldn’t even tell you who was all there because he was all I could see. I remember sitting in the car listening to “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, I said to him that one day I’ll meet someone that thinks of me like that.. he said, “You’re looking at him.”"

"From that day on we’ve been together ever since. He literally makes me whole."

The Proposal

"I love food. I get “hangry” easily. Kyle randomly pulls out a Snickers he hides around the house and cars! I was getting ready for work one morning and Kyle surprised me on one knee with breakfast he made and a ring wedged in a Clementine. Lol! Food AND my best friend?! It was a guaranteed YES!!!"

Jace (2).jpg

Baby Makes Three

"In 2016 we took a trip to Mexico. We had THE BEST TIME EVER. So much so that 2017 brought us our our amazing, gorgeous little warrior Jace! He’s been nothing short of surprises from the time we found out I was pregnant to his whirlwind birth in January."

"Jace had an artery wrapped around his trachea and couldn’t breathe. Our lives came to a screeching halt. He was transported to a children’s hospital in Illinois where he had to undergo open heart surgery at 2 days old. What was supposed to be the most amazing time abruptly became horrifying. We had to watch our miracle baby fight for his life. Jace was in an induced coma for TEN days. TEN DAYS. The only way I knew my baby was alive was because of the beeping machines. TEN DAYS of not being able to hold my baby for the first time."

"We went from not knowing if he was going to make it to them not knowing how severe the damage would be. We spent about 2 months living in a hospital watching test after test and more surgeries being performed on this tiny baby. Our baby."

"Kyle truly showed his strength and courage and wrapped me in more love then I could ever imagine. I was broken. I was so scared. He was the strength and positivity for both of us. We spent every second together and he was the glue that kept me together. Our bond became so incredibly strong and beautiful. I know that making it through that, we can make it through anything, no doubt."

Happy Ending, New Beginning

"Today we have this amazing warrior that is surpassing any and all expectations the doctors had. They can’t believe he’s the same baby! He is exceeding his milestones and is destined to do amazing things!! I thank God everyday for my beautiful family, our amazing relationship and the doctors and nurses that never gave up on us."

We love happy endings, don't you!  This little family has been through so much and it's made them stronger and bonded for life.  We know the entire family can't wait to celebrate their love for each other on their wedding day and neither can we!