Kingsley & Queensley's 1 year Anniversary shoot

During Kingsley's and Maddie's wedding there was no time to go to the beach. Already a year ago we decided to do their Anniversary shoot at the beach to make up for it. So, a few weeks ago while Maddie was doing my hair we came up with a date.

The Monday we picked had a forecast of storms and we weren't sure if we should go for it or not. After a bit of back and forth that morning we decided to go for it. Charlyn from Charlyn's Floral made the sweet flower crown and bouquet. We wanted it to look effortless as if it was picked in a field.


The view at the beach was very magical. It was so blue and stormy. We saw occasional lightning at the horizon and we had high hopes to capture one in camera but post processing had to do ;-)

When you read their wedding blog on how Kingsley proposed you can see that this was not a styled shoot. The blanket, champagne and cheese board is authentic to their lifestyle. The goal for this shoot was to be up close and personal. We wanted to show their genuine connection and emotions and do very little guiding and posing. After their wedding Kingsley and Maddie rented a house at the beach. It was actually the house they ran up to by the Dunes with the triangular shape. So a lot of first year memories were made at the site of our shoot.

Not much needs to be said as the pictures tell the story ...

During our whole shoot we could watch the storm on the horizon but it never came to us except a few rain drops. We were so in awe of this shoot before we ever downloaded the pictures to the computer. This moody weather just makes you want to cuddle and be close.

We love that Maddie put on her wedding dress with a denim shirt and that they looked through their wedding album! Of course we had to use a couple smoke bombs, which was not an easy task since it was so windy! Thanks for letting us be part of your love story and even sharing that one cupcake from Designer Deserts with Jamie and I! We always have a great time spending time with you both!

Happy 1 year Anniversary today! May your passion and love for each other never ebb!


Much Love

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