Grace & Merritt | The Happily Ever After


We do a lot of weddings and wish our couples a happily ever after and off they go. But like in movies you wonder how does the story continue? What happened to them? Are they still happy and in love?

Jamie and I have been dying to photograph a sexy and intimate beach shoot for a while. We wanted a couple that is in love and has great chemistry. We put a shout out on instagram and got a big response. When Gracie responded we were like 'Y E S !!!' A married couple would be perfect for this and the fact that they are married actually makes this even sexier. We had the pleasure to shoot their wedding so it helped all of us to feel comfortable. Make sure you check out their beautiful wedding blog as well!

Their one year anniversary is coming up and this is such a great way to celebrate...and to show how their love story continues!

The day we shot this was actually Merritt's birthday! Can we just say 'best way to celebrate ever?!!' Merritt and Gracie are so into each other that we were just clicking away ... each shot so beautiful. It helps that they are both gorgeous to look at. Can't you just feel the love and chemistry?

Gracie & Merritt - we hope you had half as much fun as we did and will cherish these pix forever. We are so in love with these. Let's do this again in five or ten years, shall we?!!! Okay, it's a plan!

We believe it's important to take a few hours out of our busy lives and look each other in the eyes and reconnect. Whether you've been married for a year or thirty, it doesn't matter.

You can book us for this type of session! Just inquire!

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