Dream a little dream...or a big one!

With our Dream A Little Dream shoot, we wanted to create a feeling of whimsy, play and exploration. An outdoor adventure, if you will. We wanted the scene and props to have a timeless feel.

We used a lot of vintage items that we bought or took off our own shelves (and some that just looked old). We are inspired by many different things but we seem to keep gravitating towards certain items.

If you look around our Dream A Little Dream Shoot and some of our other shoots you will start to get familiar with our aesthetic and see some items repeated. Such as: old hats, old cameras, butterflies, lace, flowers, lanterns, fairytale books, apples, feathers, birdcages and more!

We definitely kept our kids in mind when putting the shoot together. We wanted them to have fun and play with each other and the treasure around them. We wanted a kid friendly environment so we were lucky that Carmen‘s mother-in-law graciously offered up her home for the day.

There were plenty of yummy snacks and toys to keep our models (and photographers) happy. We were able to shoot all day while our kids played and got some great shots for two of our favorite designers, Quirky Threadz and Ella Mella.

Their designs fit so well with our look and really added something special. The custom camera print skirt from Quirky Threadz and the custom camera t-shirt from Ella Mella looked especially cute paired with our vintage cameras. The amazing flowers were provided by Charlyn's Flower Designs. We had so many ideas and so many cute models, we can’t wait to do it again!