Kara & Zachary’s Woodland Engagement Session


Carmen was so excited to get Kara’s wedding inquiry the beginning of the year. She had done her sister’s and Kara’s senior portraits a few years back. When we met with Kara and her lovely mom Kimberly at the Sip, she told us she only inquired with us and no other photographers. It’s amazing to be somebody’s first choice and already know we are the right fit!

Let’s just say we had a lively chat over coffee - talking wedding plans and Harry Potter. Jamie is a big Harry Potter fan as well, so it was really fun and a great connection was made.

Kara and Zac wanted to have their engagement session in a woodsy location because that is where they spend a lot of time together. They often go on fishing dates. We thought we’d keep it casual and go on a stroll through the woodlands at Lemon Lake Park.

Both have such complimentary energy together and it was laughing non-stop for everyone. We had amazing light that morning and Kara and Zac looked so great together! Perfect outfit choices, Kara!


Kara and Zac first met when Zac’s family moved across the street from Kara in 4th grade. Kara said they rode the same bus and played with all of the neighborhood kids together. How sweet!

In their teenage years Zac admired Kara from across the street and was waiting for his opportunity and it looks like it worked out ;-)

How did he propose?: 

“Zacs family lives in Florida. We went and visited them for a week and Zac planned a day for us all to go to Universal studios in Orlando. He proposed in Harry Potter world (I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd) so it's my favorite place ever and he also flew in my my mom, sister and my aunt. He did it on the bridge right in front of the castle in front of all our family.”

Q & A with Our Couple

Bride: 3 words to describe your first impression of him.

Confident, Life of the Party, and Hot. lol!

Groom: 3 words to describe your first impression of her. 

Ambitious, Princess and Beautiful

Where was your first date?: 


Where did you have your first kiss?: 

My driveway (he brought me Dairy Queen)

If your relationship were a movie, what would the title be?: 

Cherry Hill Drive

What two celebrities would play you?: 

Bryce Harper and Kesha

What would your band/duo name be?: 

The Divlys

When do you feel most loved by your fiance?: 

“I feel most loved when she makes me dinner after a long day at work, when she gives me scratches and when we get to spend time together.” -Zac

“I feel most loved when he surprises me and when we spend one-on-one time together.” -Kara

What do you call your boo?: 

Doodey and Poopy

Happy Engagement! We hope you love these images as much as we do. We can’t wait for your wedding next October! 365 days ;-)

Much Love

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