The Bunnies are coming

We've never offered an Easter Special and we thought I'd be a fun thing to do this year. We put a shout out on facebook that we were looking for some bunnies. A woman named Darcie knew someone from 2x2 Rescue and they happened to have two bunnies that are up for adoption. Jamie and I got a bit creative and went fabric shopping at JoAnn Fabrics and created the burlap/lace banner. We didn't want a conventional pastel colored backdrop and we dressed our kids more like Breakfast at Tiffany's rather than Easter style. Our customers are welcome to dress their children in whatever they like, any outfit will work with our neutral backdrop. When we shot our Preview last week, we didn't know how it would go but Binky (grey) and Templeton did great with our kids. Within 2 days we almost booked out all appointments. Jamie and I can't wait to see the adorable bunnies again this weekend and of course all the cute kids!

We hope that through our pictures someone will fall in love with the bunnies and adopt them! Check out 2x2 Rescue's fb page!