Mardi Gras at Carnivale

We were asked by Launch Digital Marketing and PR firm, Agency 360 to capture some of the fun going on at the Mardi Gras event put on by Carnivale and Genuine Entertainment Chicago.

Of course we were more than happy to return to our new favorite place.  What did we see when we walked through the doors to the main dining area?  It was a feast for the eyes!  Throughout the night daring aerialists danced elegantly high above the crowd on silks.  Music blared, drummers drummed and trumpets blasted as servers dressed like circus performers passed trays of bubbling champagne to the stylish party goers.  Samba dancers paraded across the dance floor like giant exotic birds.  Dangling beads and feathers were sashaying in all directions.   Burlesque dancers teased and dazzled the crowd with their risqué performances.  Ladies dressed in lace and roses with full skirts that double timed as tables, walked around with light up umbrellas to guide you to the delectable treats that circled them.  It was a colorful decadent party and if we weren't shooting, we would have been dancing.  We ended our night with an delicious glass of elegant champagne compliments of owner, Jerry Kleiner.  We went to sleep with visions of bubbles, beads, feathers and colorful dreams.