Fall Into Winter Wedding

Kelsey told us that one of the first things she did after she got engaged was to contact us.  She had a vision for her big day and our photography style was part of that vision.  We were so honored that she knew she wanted to work with us and nobody else.  We were also very happy because we know Kelsey personally and knew that she and Danny have awesome chemistry!  It was a fun change of pace to shoot a fall/winter wedding.  Kelsey, her Mom and three sister all hand made the décor of gilded pine and hung sparkling snowflakes from bare branches.  (Dad also did a killer job on the candy bar!)  We were lucky to get mild weather for late November, but Kelsey still needed something other than Danny to keep her warm for our outdoor shots.  She wore a cute little fur shrug that made her look like a Russian princess.  The bridesmaids wore a deep teal jewel tone to compliment the gold leaves and pine.  We loved the contrast of the bare branches, fallen leaves and setting sun.  The night started out with a blaring and fun set from a Mariachi band and ended with a surprise visit from the Crown Point hot dog guy.  It was a big happy wedding with lots of family and friends.  Even though there was a chill in the air, you could feel the warmth between Kelsey and Danny.

Jamie SkripacComment