T.O.A.D. | Happy Easter

Finally spring is here! The weather in NWI has been crazy, beach days in February, and back to freezing temperatures in March. We've been patiently waiting for Spring to arrive and especially for our favorite magnolia tree to bloom.

Since Magnolias bloom for such a short time, we did a spontaneous shoot with our children on good friday. Of course they had more fun climbing the tree and building than anything else! Trying to get a picture of the four of them is like herding cats...

It's unbelievable how much our children have grown over the winter! Our last shoot was for Christmas pictures and that's been a few months. We just want to stop time for a little...

Our girls are definitely more cooperative! Linus' pose below looks so cool but it came out of despair...ha ha! As with each crazy shoot we do with the four of them, we love having the pictures that will bring back hilarious memories each time we look at them.

Happy Easter from our crazy bunch to yours!

- Carmen & Jamie | Tales of a Dream